Inspirational Chelsea Design Week

Blousey coming up strong

What a day it’s been. Day two of Chelsea Design Week at Chelsea Harbour, haute couture of the interiors world.  It’s imprint is surfacing, I am bubbling with inspiration.

Ann Saks makes tiles exciting

Tiles are patterned and textured.

Lighting is simple

Lighting is about simple form.

Luxe life

Take inspiration from this picture I saw in a shop window (click on it to enlarge), it conjures up the retro luxe life in interiors. The sharpened colours are there, mixed with hip lifestyle.

More tomorrow, with stories about making the best of your retro find, how to get exactly what you want without breaking the budget.

It's all going on here


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  1. Anna Corden says:

    I just wanted to say it was really great meeting you at the Design Centre this week. As it was my first trade show experience it was particularly lovely to see a smiling face and to have a chat. Thanks for making my day more memorable, Anna.

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