Couture for your Walls

Great place to curl up for an idle moment

At the luxury bespoke end of interiors be prepared to enter another world. This embroidered fabric by Fromental is full on and fresh, I would love to curl up in a chair for a peaceful read or just a moment of idle contemplation. I’ve always had a soft spot for the concept of transforming an interior into a blossomy bower complete with birds; this fabric or a chinoiserie painted wallpaper would do it.

Bosky bower

If you visualise experiencing something you really want every day, it follows you will achieve your dream. In the interest of topping up my visualisations I’ve decided, from time to time, to treat myself to the experience of an aspirational interior over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It might cost a little more than a chain store coffee experience, well worth investing in for the pleasure of enjoying an elegant interior and so I arrive at my ultimate goal more quickly. Dip into the Fromental painted bosky bower in the newly refurbished foyer of the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane.


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