I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

Love to get letters and cards in the post

That feeling of elation seeing a handwritten envelope waiting on the door mat, knowing it’s not run of the mill post, just cant be beaten. The sense of anticipation, leaning down to pick up the letter. Excitement mounting as I examine the envelope to see who’s it from?

Hand written letters are rare today, the immediacy of emails and texts is tough competition. It’s a gift, somewhere, someone has thought about me and given their time to write a note and put it in the post. And,  friends have taken to writing to their children, hoping they develop the same love of letters.

I don’t make a regular habit of sending letters, but on my forays I am always collecting cards. They join the others in a basket on my desk, where they wait until their time is right. Then I sit down to write and send a metaphorical hug.

The cost of the stamp and time to write is minimal, the feeling of  pleasure receiving handwritten mail is immeasurable.


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