Beautiful Day

Beachy Head

Unexpected circumstances means all plans go out the window, the chance to break out and escape.  In the dazzling bright sunshine we head off over the hills and far away to take in the faded glory of Eastbourne, the sunniest place in the UK. The illicit thrill of it, like bunking off school.

First stop The Towner Gallery, the building breaths new life into decaying gentility of the seaside town. The modern white cliff like building rises confidently amongst the massive nineteenth century stucco gentlemen’s houses.

What joy, they have the largest collection of work by artist Eric Ravilious. It’s his watercolours that first drew me to the monumental beauty of the South Downs. Great to have the space to see his unique and graphic watercolour technique close up. Quiet, calm places.

On to the Emma Mason Gallery, who represents a great selection of printmakers. My friend buys a print by Robert Tavener, they also have large finely executed wood engravings by Garrick Palmer along with works by father and daughter Bernard and Chloe Cheese and Sarah Young. In amongst these is an exhibition of Denise Hoyles’ watercolours, Works on Paper, small beautiful paintings  with a printerly quality. Definitely a venue for serious collectors of British limited edition prints they also have a bit of everything.

Big, small, abstract, representational, prints are a great way to get artwork into interiors. Taking your first steps collecting prints can be a scary process, with a wide range of works this is a lovely encouraging place where anyone would feel confident enough to dip their toe into investing.

Later Beachy Head, the great vastness of the open landscape, sky dissolves into sea. Misty greys like the layering of aquatints, the sky is huge.

Bell Tout

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